Technical Furniture

Daher’s polyurethane foam products can be molded to exact specifications with the ability to incorporate a variety of inserts fabricated from metal, plastic, or wood that allow for quick installation without the use of specialty tools. When it comes to high quality consoles and work stations, we recommend our polyurethane nosing assemblies and keyboard rests.

Polyurethane nosing adds stability, is easily replaced, and adds longevity to the work surface. The result is a perfectly finished, ergonomic and innovative system with the highest level of craftsmanship and attention to detail.

When manufactured by Daher, nosing adds comfort as it keeps the forearm cushioned against the sharp edge of a desk, provides grip to keep your position from slipping, is water resistant to prevent damage from spilled coffee and is easy to clean.

Some examples manufactured for Evans Consoles include nosing assemblies and a variety of keyboard rests for highly specialized computer centres. 

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