Industrial Sewing

Daher Manufacturing Inc.’s strengths reside in its experience manufacturing a broad product range to a wide variety of industries. With over 30 years’ knowledge, Daher has come to prefer ¼” neoprene as its standard industrial sewing material. Neoprene was chosen for its longevity, versatility, and professional appearance. The material is weather resistant (protected against rain, snow, sand, and dust) therefore, it lasts longer and is easy to clean. Neoprene is elastic and form-fitting. Its ability to conform to equipment and body types of varying shapes and sizes allows it to suit the needs of a very wide range of personal preferences.

industriak sewing examples at Daher Manufacturing

Neoprene has extremely low surface friction. This makes it easy to slide and stretch over equipment, quick to remove, and scratch-resistant. The material provides cushioning of the right thickness and density to be supportive and comfortable rather than tight, strained, and restricting. The outer edge is finished with a Lycra cloth strip increasing its durability, restricting over stretching, and giving it a smooth finish to prevent skin abrasion. This technique also gives finished products an overall professional look. In the case of Daher chest harnesses, it is this combination that provides maximum range of motion, client comfort, and stability as well as product durability.

Standard industrial sewing materials used for straps are nylon webbing or polypro webbing which provide a high level of durability for everyday use.

Sewn products can be customized according to your specific needs. Options include buckle placement, use of Velcro, shape and design, replacing standard hardware and attachments with other things such as snap-buckles, zippers, straight straps, or automobile style buckles. A previous or similar design may be used as a basis for the new pattern which saves product development time and costs.

Some examples of specialty items include chest harnesses, pelvic stabilizing belts, carrying bags, and custom covers for products such as headrests, seats, and backrests. Visit our Product Development page for more information about creating your own custom sewn product.