About Daher Manufacturing

manufacuringDaher Manufacturing Inc. specializes in molded foam products using the Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) process. The RIM process allows a variety of materials (e.g. flexible self-skinning foam, non-skinning flexible foam, and rigid foam) to produce an almost infinite possibility of shapes and densities designed to meet our customers’ specific needs. Visit our Polyurethane Foam page for more information.

Daher is a leader in foam technology and can help you to develop a product that will fit your budget and needs. Our company provides full service product design assistance starting with your design or concept from a sketch, model, or drawing. Cost-effective prototypes using epoxy tooling allow you to test your product and make any necessary modifications or refinements before permanent tooling is ordered. In partnership with some of the best mold makers and finishers in North America, your CAD drawings will be used to produce a mold to your specifications. 

Daher enhances its customer service by providing Industrial Sewing. All products at Daher are manufactured and tested to the highest industry standards to ensure safety, comfort, and reliability.

Contact us with your new product idea or visit our Manufacturing Showroom to see some examples of what Daher has manufactured for other companies to discover what Daher can do for your organization.